About The Chase

Welcome to Chase the Antelope! My personal exploration of food, traveling, running and everything in-between.

That seems like a pretty broad range of topics. So what exactly am I doing here?

First, allow me to explain myself. I’ve never been the type of person who knew what they were doing. You know who I’m talking about?  Those people who make a plan and then actually follow through. That has never been me. I’m the person who teaches herself how to knit, but never finishes a single scarf. By next week I’ll be an amateur baker. I love to dive into everything! The process of learning new things excites me, and I find joy in sharing those experiences.

Chase the Antelope is a simple mantra.  You’ll never catch the antelope if you don’t chase it, and you’ll never know if something makes you happy if you don’t try. This blog is my step-by-step detailed encounter of every attempt.


“Not all who chase the antelope catch it, but those who caught it – chased it.”

So let’s talk about food. Anyone who knows me, knows I can eat! They also know I am much better at eating than cooking. Much better. The stories of my whole hearted attempts at cooking and baking are often more enjoyable than the food itself. Don’t worry though –  I have had some success stories along the way! Hopefully I’ll stumble upon a few more to share with you!

I’ve been fortunate enough to do some traveling, and I’m excited to have an outlet to share my adventures with friends and family in the future. I’m by no means a photographer, but that’s not going to stop me from over-sharing lots of photos. Prepare yourself for way to many pictures of all the things I ate! (If you’re not into that kind of thing, you might just want to leave now.)

So what’s left?  I’m a runner, I love being outside, crafting, reading, (insert basic white girl emoji here).  Basically, you can expect to see plenty of inconsistency and random posts about anything I find interesting, helpful or enjoyable. I know they say you should have a clear focus on what your blog is about – but as I just finished telling you, that’s just not going to work for me!

So this is me sharing my ‘chase’ if you will. I am an amateur at everything, but love sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned with others. If not informative, hopefully I can at least keep you entertained along the way!

Keep chasing,