Rose Gold Hair

Rose Gold Hair

Going Rose Gold is not for the faint at heart. There were several moments during the process where I was in full blown panic mode! It didn’t help that this was also the shortest haircut I’ve had since I was 8 years old.


Luckily, I have a fantastic stylist who I would trust with any crazy idea I want to try on my hair. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I HIGHLY recommend Kim Buccier at Copacetic Beauty Lounge. She is a hair gangster!

Rose Gold Hair
When I showed up for my appointment, I gave Kim pictures of what I wanted AND what I didn’t want. This is particularly important when going rose gold because there are so many different variations of this color. My hair was already very blonde, so we just needed to touch up my roots before we started. The rose gold dye itself was personally crafted by Kim. From my understanding, she used a dye called ‘Too Cute Coral’ mixed with orange, gray and a dot of black. The black was added because I wanted it to be a slightly smokey rose gold color. This type of dye doesn’t use a developer and was put on dry hair. That means it will fade VERY fast! If you want it to hold, wash your hair as little as possible with a good color safe shampoo and try to stay out of the sun. I’m headed to the Bahamas next week, so this may disappear very quick! I’m going to try and wear a hat as much as possible when in the sun.

Rose Gold Angled Bob

The cut is an angled bob. Kim did a really great job of shortening and stacking the back to intensify the angle for me. I have VERY thick hair and I have a TON of it! This means I always get nervous about going short. Kim has done a fantastic job of giving me cuts that are manageable despite all of my hair (and they don’t leave me looking like a mushroom). I couldn’t begin to explain to you how she does it…

She might be a magician?

Yeah, that’s definitely it.
She’s a damn magician.

Ash Blonde to Rose Gold Blonde


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